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Grasshopper Ice Cream Pie

A great way to beat the heat, and the best really can choose any ice cream or flavor Oreo cookies you want!  The combinations are endless.

Grasshopper Ice Cream Pie

2 cups (approx. 22-24) Oreo cookies, crushed
4 Tbl butter, melted
1 ctn mint chocolate chip ice cream, softened
6-8 Oreo cookies, coarsely chopped
1 jar fudge sauce
1 ctn whipped topping

*Soften half the ice cream
In a small bowl mix crushed Oreo cookies with butter
Press in the bottom and half way up the sides of pie plate or 8x8 baking dish
Spread the softened half of ice cream on top of crust
Layer chopped cookies with fudge sauce on top and freeze at least 1-2 hours
*Soften the remaining ice cream
Place softened ice cream on top of fudge and cookie layer and freeze again until set
Top with extra fudge and whipped topping

*You can soften the ice cream by setting it aside in a bowl to thaw until desired consistency or you can microwave it in 15 second intervals until desired consistency.


Hayley said…
drool. that is going on my "to make" list for the next few weeks!
Anonymous said…
This was a hit! Delicious!