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Slow Baked Brisket

Quite a few years ago when we lived in Arizona, a friend of ours had us over for dinner and made this Brisket.  Fast forward years later and my husband and I still talk about how good it was.  So we decided to ask for the recipe and try it for ourselves.  It was so good!  The best part is that most of the work is done ahead of time so that it frees up the oven for all the yummy sides you want to make.  I served it with my Loaded Potato Casserole and Asparagus with Bacon (which I will have to share in the future).

Slow Baked Brisket
Courtesy of {Sally Blackham}

6-8 lb brisket
celery salt
onion salt
Lawry's season salt
garlic powder
liquid smoke
barbeque sauce (of your choice)

Place brisket in a large pan, spread generously liquid smoke over meat and rub it evenly.
Sprinkle spices generously.
Repeat on other side.
Cover and refrigerate 24 hours.
Preheat oven to 250 and cook for 8 hours.
Refrigerate overnight.
Skim fat, slice meat thinly, pour barbeque sauce into pan.
Place meat on top, pour more sauce on top and heat for 30-60 mins at 350.