Crockpot Dr Pepper Pulled Pork

I am a big fan of pulled pork and Dr Pepper.  Together they are delicious, and I really love that I put this in the crockpot and let it go for a few hours and not worry about it.  You can feed a group of people or just a few and have leftovers to freeze.  My favorite way to eat them is with coleslaw on top.  I'll have to post that recipe the next time I make them.

Crockpot Dr Pepper Pulled Pork
3-5 lb pork roast

celery salt
onion salt
Lawry's season salt
garlic powder
liquid smoke
12 oz Dr Pepper
1 cup bbq sauce, your choice
(I use Sweet Baby Rays)

Place meat in the crockpot
Sprinkle liquid smoke and cover meat thoroughly
Sprinkle seasonings over meat
Turn over meat and repeat
Pour in can of Dr Pepper
Cook roast 4 hours on high OR 6 hours on low
Reserve 1/4 cup of liquid and drain the rest
Shred roast by pulling apart with two forks
Stir in the reserved liquid and bbq sauce until desired consistency
(I use very little bbq sauce to begin with so others can decide how much they want later)
Serve with extra bbq sauce if desired


laura said…
Yum! I'm a big fan of pork and Dr. Pepper! Sounds like a great combination!

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