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I FINALLY got to eat at my first food truck!  I know, I know...your saying what took you so long?  I don't know really, but now I am hooked!

We went to a food truck rally and got to sample the offerings of several of the trucks (more reviews to follow).  One of our favorites was CUPBOP Korean BBQ in a cup.  First off the environment of their truck was so different than all the others. You can tell a lot about someones food by the passion they put into it and these guys didn't disappoint. They had music playing and you could tell the guys in the truck were having fun and loved what they did and it was reflected in their food.

With so many tempting choices, we decided to try the B Bop.  It was a bowel of Korean style beef with rice and lettuce.  Now I've had Korean beef with rice but having lettuce mixed in was new and quite frankly it was surprisingly good.  The lettuce added some good crunchy texture to the dish.  We added some Mandu or Korean dumplings on top and they were so good.  The bowel was topped off with some of their secret sauce drizzled over it all.

The beef was cooked perfectly and they didn't skimp on portion size.  The combination of rice and lettuce was a great compliment to the beef and there was the perfect amount of sauce.  Not too much to make things soggy, but just enough to get some in every bite.  The dumplings were a tad chewy, but packed with flavor.  Overall it was great!  Reasonably priced and enough that I had some leftovers.  I would highly recommend looking them up to check them out! Thanks @cupbop.